Live Events

Next Event: 2021 Awards Ceremony on June 28 at 3PM ET

Join our virtual awards ceremony to see the winners of the 2021 competition! We’ll be broadcasting live on our YouTube channel at 3PM ET on June 28.

Join live on YouTube!

Rocketry Webinars

We know mastering model rocketry can be tough, but we have experts that can help. From long-time mentors who have coached nearly a dozen years of National Finalists, to even our co-founder and former president of the National Association of Rocketry, we’re bringing people with the advice you need to succeed.

These webinars are hosted as we get the chance, so be sure to check your email and follow us on social media! Not able to make it live? All of our webinars are recorded for you to watch whenever you want.

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Ask an Engineer Webinar Series

OurĀ Ask an Engineer webinars are your opportunity to get your questions answered by real aerospace industry engineers! Each month we bring a new engineer (or group of engineers!) with a different background and story to tell. Ever wanted to learn about planning missions to Mars? Or maybe you’re looking for some advice on how to get your own aerospace career started? Then look no further than ourĀ Ask an Engineer webinars.

All of our webinars are recorded, so you can look at advice from our past engineers whenever you need.

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