2021 National Finals Photo Contest

Since the American Rocketry Challenge Team can’t be at all the launch sites, we want National Finalists’ help in capturing the most inspiring moments from the 2021 National Finals. We’re inviting students from National Finalist teams to participate in the first-ever National Finals photo contest to show off the finalists’ experience at the Final Fly-off. Participating teams will earn a chance to be featured on our @RocketContest social media platforms and win $2,000 in prizes.

The best photo in each of the following four categories will win $500:

  1. Most Inspiring Group Photo: Take a picture that best captures the team experience at the National Finals. Photos can be staged or candid, and can include anything from posing at the launch pad to cheering a successful launch, or anything with the team.
  2. Most Imaginative Team Costume: Our annual National Finals costume contest returns! Take a group photo wearing your launch day uniforms or costumes—have fun with it.
  3. Most Creative Photo with Launch Site Flag: Track down the 13’ American Rocketry Challenge launch site flag—it’s hard to miss—and capture a fun, creative picture with it. They can be individual, group, or team shots, and should include the whole flag in the photo.
  4. Most Dynamic Rocket Photo: Incorporate your team’s rocket! You can be working on finishing touches, prepping the egg/altimeter, capturing a launch, or taking a selfie in front of your rocket. Be creative.

To Participate:

  • Use your phone or camera to capture photos and post them on Instagram or Twitter using #TARC2021 and tagging @RocketContest.
  • Photos may be submitted in multiple, separate posts or in a single post.
  • Teams may submit multiple posts for each category.
  • All photos must be posted on Instagram or Twitter with the appropriate tags by June 22, 2021 at 11:59 pm ET to be eligible.
  • Photos must be taken at one of the 11 National Finals sites on launch day.