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The Alumni Network is your chance to connect with past rocket contest participants, attend professional development events, learn about job opportunities, explore the latest aerospace news, and mentor current students competing in the American Rocketry Challenge!

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With over 70,000 students competing in the American Rocketry Challenge throughout the past two decades, rocket contest alumni are everywhere! We’re working to build a community that will provide opportunities for alumni to build upon their professional development by expanding their network within the aerospace industry.

Through the Alumni Network, you will gain exclusive access to:

  • Alumni-Focused Events: As a member of the Alumni Network, you’re invited to attend events that will help you in your career, including webinars, panels, and meetings with industry professionals.
  • Alumni Newsletter and Spotlights: Our monthly newsletter will provide you the latest information about the contest and share stories of alumni who are changing our world.
  • Job Postings: Looking to take your career to new heights? Thanks to our dedicated sponsors, we’ll feature some of the most exciting job opportunities in the aerospace and defense industry!
  • Mentorship and Volunteer Opportunities: If you’re interested in being a part of the American Rocketry Challenge, you’re able to help the next generation of rocketeers through mentoring and volunteering! The Alumni Network will keep you in the loop on any opportunities to help your favorite STEM competition.

The American Rocketry Challenge doesn’t end when you graduate high school – you’re a part of the rocket contest family for life! Join the Alumni Network today to stay in touch and involved with participants throughout the competition’s nearly 20 year history.

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