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Documents and Forms

2020 Documents

2020 Rules

The complete set of rules for the 2020 competition.

2019 Rules

The complete set of rules for the 2019 competition.

2019 Handbook (Updated 14 December 2018)

A guidebook of suggestions on how to tackle the Team America Rocketry Challenge

2019 NAR Mentor List (Updated 9 Mar 2019)


These rocketry experts are willing to lend their expertise as mentors for your team for the challenge.

2019 Approved Motor List

These are the motors approved for use for the competition.

2019 Qualification Flight Form (Updated 9 Mar 2019)

Bring a copy of this form with you to each of your qualification flight attempts for a NAR observer to record your scores.

Aerospace Industries Association IRS W-9 Form

Some schools and organizations require this form for their record-keeping.

2019 Paper Registration Documents

Online registrations are preferred, and can be created at Mailed-in paper registrations can take up to two weeks to process from the time they are received.

2019 Parent-Guardian Permission Form

All student participants must have a parent or guardian fill out this form.

2019 Team America Rocketry Challenge Registration Packet

This packet contains all documents necessary to submit a hard copy registration for the Team America Rocketry Challenge.

2019 Add-Drop Form

Use this form to add or drop members from a registered team.