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Documents and Forms

2020 Documents

2020 Rules

The complete set of rules for the 2020 competition.

2020 Parent/Guardian Permission Form

Every student competing in The American Rocketry Challenge is required to have this form completed.

2020 Approved Motor List

This list contains all motors allowed for use in the 2020 Challenge.

The American Rocketry Challenge – 2020 Team Handbook

Everything you need to know to succeed in TARC 2020.

IRS W-9 Form – Aerospace Industries Association

Your school or organizations bookkeeping may require this form in order to pay for your team’s registration.

Rocketry Starter Kit

Just getting a team together for the Rocketry Challenge? We’ve got everything you need to know in our NEW Rocketry Starter Kit!

The American Rocketry Challenge Fact Sheet

Want to help us make the world’s largest student rocket contest even bigger? Download our fact sheet to share with your friends!